Make your multi-channel campaign piloting more fluid.

Media Project Management

The acceleration and diversification of media consumption makes activation of your digital plans more and more complex.

Make the difference

Manage your projects effectively

In order to meet the challenge of this diversification in media consumption, we provide you with made-to-measure multi-channel tools to simplify your omni-channel activation.

A single interface for overall monitoring

Effective management of your campaign projects

We provide you with a made-to-mesure project structure to allow you to effectively pilot the launch and monitoring of your digital actions for all of your campaigns, markets and levers.


Productivity increase

Make collaboration with the different partners in your campaign projects more fluid

Reduction of errors

List and verify your campaign parameters in a single sector-oriented interface

Marketing archiving

Store all information relating to your digital actions in the same place for easy retrieval

Made-to-measure dashboard

Adapt monitoring of your actions according to your in-house requirements, your teams and your organisation.

Your business-centred dashboard

A full overview of your actions

Monitor at a glance and in a single interface the status of your different communications.

An influence records a podcast and films herself
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Types of campaigns
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Activation status
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Budgets & Activation period

A full overview of your marketing workflow

Archive the modalities of each of your campaigns

For each of your communications, find the details concerning every element that characterises them.

An influence records a podcast and films herself
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Media plan
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Trackings & Objectives

Share a vison with your careers teams

Increase collaboration fluidity

For your campaign launches, you need participation from several of your in-house teams, whether that is the communications team, the creative team or the technical team.

Set tasks for each of your contributors and follow the progress of each of these stages.


ZBO Media supports you

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