Enhance your knowledge of customers

Marketing Insights

We provide you with all the keys to an informed reading.

Data enhancing customer knowledge

Consolidate and interpret your customer data

The power of our technological tools and IA tools combined with the expertise of our digital consultants allows us to effectively analyse and interpret the results of your campaigns to establish useful marketing learnings that will reinforce the effectiveness of your future communications.

Reinforced results

Marketing at the heart of your performances

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More precise targeting

Better knowledge of customers for campaign strategies that are more precisely targeted. Only reach your useful contacts.

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Improvement of customer pathways

Understand the expectations of your prospective customers and adjust your pathways to reinforce your conversion rates.

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Reinforcement of cost-effectiveness

Identify the contribution of each channel for a media mix that is more accurate and effective.

Advanced insights

Find tangible solutions to the challenges you are facing

1. Analysis of conversion pathways

We identify the behaviour of prospective customers on your website in order to better define their expectations.

2. Study of each channel's contribution

Understanding the complementarity of your levers in your purchase strategy.

3. Profiling your audiences

We identify your priority and secondary and future marketing targets/personas with the aim of developing your communication plans intelligently.

20 years of expertise in France and internationally

The commitment of ZBO Media

Certified digital savoir-faire

Our teams undergo constant advanced training that provides certification with the top purchasing platforms on the market.

Premium personalised assistance

Our role is to identify the best solutions to help you to stand out and to showcase your strengths compared to competitors.

Maximisation of your performances

For your brand awareness, engagement or conversion targets, we identify and roll out the most effective tactics.

Our experiences make us stronger

A dedicated team taking care of your media strategy

Our experiences make us stronger

A dedicated team taking care of your media strategy

A contact person who is committed to your strategy

The digital consultant is your partner in organising your projects and optimising your time.

The connection between your employees

Availability, transparency within the set timeframes and communication are the cornerstones of our activity.

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ZBO Media assists you

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