Made-to-measure advanced recommendations

Media & Audience Planning

Your communications cater to specific needs. We establish a detailed plan for each of them to determine the precise outlines for broadcasting your campaign.

Particular attention to preparatory work

A key step for the success of your campaign

For a media solution to be successful and to have an impact on your current or potential customers, a tangible strategy must be developed beforehand.

We rely on tools that allow us to develop media & data plans that are truly suitable for each of your communications.

Our guarantees

A granular activation plan that is 100% transparent

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Identification and selection of digital formats for each of your targets.

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Development and proposal of made-to-measure audience clusters.

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Recommendation of formats & communication lines to hit your targets.

Development of your digital plan

A package based on data


1. Analysis of your audiences' behaviour

By adding a tag to your website, we analyse the behaviour of your audiences to highlight the segments with potential and those that are a priority with regard to the challenges you are facing.

2. Identification of your target on your media platforms

Thanks to our audience measurement tools, we identify the media platforms that best correspond with your targets. We then refine this list by taking into account the context your brand is facing, in order to guarantee that your communications are broadcast via media platforms that fit in with your image constraints.

3. Projected performances

Our activation archive allows us to establish realistic projections using internal benchmarks by taking into account: the context of your campaign, its broadcasting environment, the formats and the activation period.

20 years of expertise in France and internationally

The ZBO Media commitment

Certified digital savoir-faire

Our teams undergo constant advanced training that provides certification with the top purchasing platforms on the market.

Premium personalised assistance

Our role is to identify the best solutions to make you stand out and to showcase your strength in comparison to your competitors.

Maximisation of your performances

For your brand awareness, engagement or conversion targets, we identify and roll out the most effective tactics.

Our experiences make us stronger

A dedicated team taking care of your media strategy

Our experiences make us stronger

A dedicated team taking care of your media strategy

A contact person who is committed to your strategy

The digital consultant is your partner in organising your projects and optimising your time.

The connection between your employees

Availability, transparency within the set timeframes and communication are the cornerstones of our activity.

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